A coat is much more difficult to press because of its irregular shape and heavy padding. A beginner should not undertake to press a coat, but should practice on some of the easier garments such as trousers, skirts or a vest. The accompanying illustration shows the position of the coat on the board ready for the lapel and the front to be pressed. The coat is then shifted about on the board to convenient positions for pressing the other parts.

The next illustration shows the position of the coat ready for the back to be pressed. A little experimenting and practice will enable you to find a position in which you can press the different parts of the coat very satisfactorily. As a coat is heavier on account of the padding, it will require more time to press it thoroughly dry. All the while you are pressing a fine garment it is well to keep in mind the fact that it is very valuable and that a litle carelessness might ruin it by scorching.

Pressing A Coat 244

Position for Pressing Lapel.

Pressing A Coat 245

Position for Pressing Back.

You will find the pressing of clothing very interesting and it will be well worth your while to practice it in your home.

A moderately expensive suit of clothes kept clean and well pressed always gives a much better appearance than a very expensive suit which is more or less soiled and neglected. Much can be added to the life of a suit by the careful cleaning and pressing explained in this chapter.