Paragraph 118. The rolled hem is a very small round hem. As the name suggests, it is rolled rather than folded on the edge of the material. To make a rolled hem, hold the edge of the material between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, and with a twisting motion roll under the edge of the material until you have a small hard roll. Knot the thread and insert the needle under the roll, to conceal the knot. Insert it again at the front about 1/16" ahead of the other stitch, thus wrapping the thread over the roll, very much like overcasting. Continue the sewing as you roll, thus making a rounded edge. See Figure 17.

It requires care and some practice to keep it even. After the hem is rolled, lace is usually overhanded on the edge. Some prefer to sew the lace on as they roll the hem; this saves time but does not make the work look quite so neat. Fasten the thread by taking two or three small stitches over one another on the wrong side.

The rolled hem is used on handkerchiefs, baby dresses or fine waists, in hemming the top of dainty lingerie, or in fact, any place where a very dainty hem is desired.