Paragraph 142. After care has been taken to give the gathers an even pleated effect, they should be sewed carefully to the band, or to whatever part of the garment they are to be attached. Before drawing up the gathers the material should be divided into halves or fourths, according to the length of the strip which is to be gathered. If there are to be comparatively few gathers, divide the material in halves. If there is to be a long strip of gathers, divide the material into fourths and mark each division with a pin set in vertically. Then divide the band or edge of the garment to which the gathers are to be sewed into the same number of divisions. Pin the materials together where they are divided. Gather the material in each division on a thread, adjust the gathers and fasten the extra thread around a pin and baste the gathers carefully on that division with very small stitches. See Figure 49. Continue until each division is gathered, then stitch the gathers on to the material with a sewing machine, or with the combination stitch, being careful to sew on the line of gathering. Very satisfactory gathering may be done on the machine. You should study the method of using the attachments for the particular kind of machine which you have at home.