Trousers are not difficult to press. They should first be carefully cleaned as already explained. One leg should be pressed at a time, the other being folded back out of the way. It is usually found more convenient to press the inside of the leg first then turn it over and press the opposite side of the same leg, always keeping the other leg folded back out of the way. Trouser legs should be so pressed that the inside and the outside seams come together. This will make a straight crease down the front and also down the back of each leg. Trouser legs should be pulled perfectly straight to remove the fullness or bagging tendency at the knee.

Lay the trousers flat on the table making sure that the seams are placed as above described. Wet one of the pressing cloths and lay it smoothly over this leg. Lay a dry pressing cloth over the wet one and apply the hot iron. It is well to remove both cloths and pull the leg straight and see that the seams are properly placed before completing the pressing. The material will be found very soft and pliable after the steam from the cloth has entered it. After getting a leg properly shaped and all wrinkles smoothed out, lay the pressing cloth again in position and continue the pressing.

The damp cloth may be removed and the work completed working with a dry cloth alone. Carefully turn the trouser leg over and press the opposite side of the same leg. The second leg should be pressed exactly like the first. Do not forget to continue pressing until the garment is perfectly dry.