Silk is very susceptible to heat; therefore, in pressing silk garments care should always be taken to see that the iron is warm, rather than hot. Turn the garment wrong side out, and if necessary dampen it by rubbing a slightly dampened cloth over its surface, then press with a warm iron.

Wash silks and ribbons when washed should be rolled in a towel and allowed to remain there a while to remove the excess of moisture; then they may be ironed by placing a cloth over them and pressing until the silk is partly dry, then remove the cloth, turn wrong side out and iron until perfectly dry.

You should experiment on some of your older and cheaper garments until you have become sufficiently acquainted with the methods of cleaning and pressing clothes to enable you to take good care of your garments; you can thus not only save considerable expense in matters of wearing apparel, but you will also convey the impression of carefulness and good taste in dress.

To Press A Silk Garment 246