The dress should be thoroughly dusted and all spots removed before pressing. To press a plain skirt, lay it over the ironing board, with the bottom of the skirt on the wide end of the board; stretch it smooth and place a piece of cloth wrung out of water over the skirt. Cover this piece with a dry piece of heavy cotton material (the second cloth may be omitted but the pressing is more easily done with it). Apply a hot iron with a straight downward pressure; iron until the skirt is well steamed, then remove the wet cloth and iron on the dry one until the material is dry. Continue this process until the entire skirt is pressed.

Before pressing a pleated skirt, baste the pleats in proper posi-tion, or stretch the skirt on the ironing board until the pleats are straight and pin them at the bottom. If the pleats are not basted, straighten and pin them as you continue to press the skirt.

A wool waist is usually pressed on the wrong side; it is dampened by rubbing a wet cloth over the wrong side of the material. (Be very careful not to scorch the material). In pressing a sleeve where no crease is desired turn it wrong side out, dampen by rubbing with wet cloth and press it over a magazine which has been rolled and slipped inside of the sleeve.