Materials: Cover, poplin, stamped; muslin for cushion; crewel needle; coarse colored thread; embroidery cotton. Proceed by the following steps: To make the cushion:

1. Fold through the center the short way and backstitch the side seams; turn in one-fourth inch at the open end and baste.

2. Fill full and hard with fine sawdust; overhand the end. To embroider the cover:

1. Lay the coarse thread along the edge, leaving a half-inch at the end for joining later.

2. Blanket stitch over this thread held loosely to the edge, with the white embroidery cotton, placing the stitches a little less than an eighth of an inch apart, putting the needle in at the top line and out at the bottom line; work from left to right. The beauty of this stitch will depend upon its regularity.

3. Join the coarse thread by overlapping a half inch. Do not cut the ends off blunt but to a point so the place of joining will not show.

4. Cut the scallops out and go around again with the white cotton in the blanket stitch, going into each loop.

5. Work the flowers in blue lazy-daisy stitch with a yellow French-knot center.

6. Pin the cover to the cushion at the corners.