Materials: Creton 15"x7 3/4"; wadding; muslin 14"x7"; tape 34"; needle No. 7; thread No. 70.

Pattern: Draw a circle with a 3 1/2" radius. Cut on the line. Proceed by the following successive steps:

To make the holder, cut two pieces from the muslin like the pattern. Baste the wadding to one piece of the muslin and place the other piece over it, turn in the edges, baste and overhand.

The holder may be quilted in a fancy design or tacked with French knots.

To make the case: Cut two circles from the creton as much larger than the holder as the material will permit.

Cut one circle through the center straight with the threads of the cloth. Hem the straight edges with a narrow hem. Baste the two halves to the other circle of creton, right sides out. Finish the edge by binding with the tape. Before hemming the binding down baste a loop of tape for hanging at the top of the opening. Slip the holder into the case.