Materials: Pupils will furnish their own material for this garment. The patterns which their mothers use can be secured from the home. The work can be more easily directed if one pattern is selected for the class. These skirts may be made plain or trimmed with ruffles of cloth or with embroidery, depending upon the wishes of the mothers, the skill and taste of the individuals and the material furnished. Should there be difficulty in securing material for the garment, a small model on the half-inch scale or one of the electives can be substituted. Insist that the work be well done, neatly finished and first class throughout. Use sewing machines when available.

Points to emphasize in the making of a skirt:

1. Cut a correct pattern before beginning the skirt. Do not trust to making corrections when cutting out.

2. Baste the straight edge of one gore to the bias edge of another when making a gored skirt. This prevents the sagging which would occur if two bias edges were sewed together.

3. Allow plenty in hem and tucks for letting down when making garments for growing girls.