Hemstitched Pin Cushion.

Materials: Muslin 3 1/2X6 1/2"; two pieces of India linen 6"x6"; thread No. 80; needle No. 8. See illustration on page 36.

The cushion: Fold the muslin through the center the short way and stitch around the outside one-fourth inch from the edge leaving an opening for filling. Fill with fine sawdust and close the opening with the overhand stitch.

The cushion cover: The bottom piece. - Draw five threads one and one-fourth inches from the edge on the four sides. Turn and baste the hem to this opening. Hemstitch. This piece will serve as a practice piece for the hemstitching and can be used also for the bottom of the pin-cushion. Follow the same directions for the top piece.

Pupils will furnish four tiny pearl buttons to button the two pieces together. Make the buttonholes in the middle of the hem of the top cover and sew the button on the bottom piece.

The Round Bottom Bag with a Fancy Raffia Covering.

Make the bag any size desired; a circle of three or four inches in diameter makes a practical one. Draw the pattern for the raffia covering on paper, the circle for the bottom being the same size as that of the bottom of the bag. The design for the sides may be in as many sections as desired. The tops of these sections may be shaped to suit one's taste - round, pointed or fancy. When the pattern is completed baste a strand of raffia on the pattern, following the lines of the design. Then closely blanket stitch with raffia on both sides of these strands. The spaces may then be filled with fancy lace stitches.

A Variety Of Bags Which May Be Substituted For That Of Exercise No. 33.

A Variety Of Bags Which May Be Substituted For That Of Exercise No. 33.