Base of Neck

Measure around base of neck, close measure. (Model 13 inches.)

Top of Neck

Measure around top of neck, close measure. (Model 12 inches.)


Construct rectangle, 1/2 the neck measurement (base), plus 1/2 the width of box-pleat on right side of front for horizontal lines, by 1 inch (or any height desired) plus 3/4 inch for vertical lines.

Place left side on woof fold for bands and on warp fold for high collars. Mark rectangle A, B, C, D, as illustrated.

Dot 1 is the height of band or collar down from A.

Dot 2 is the height of band or collar up from D.

Dot 3 is 1 inch to left of D.

Dot 4 is 1 inch to left of Dot 2.

Connect 1 and 3 with a slight downward curve.

Connect A, 4 and 2 with a parallel curve.

Dot 5 is 1/2 the top neck measurement plus 1/2 the box pleat on line A, 4 and 2, to left of Dot 2.

Connect 1 and 5 with curve to left, rounding Dot 5.

Cut out pattern on lines 2, 4, 5, 1, 3 and D as illustrated. 2 and D are laid on the woof of the goods for narrow neck band, to prevent stretching.

Open pattern and lay on two thicknesses of cloth, pinning securely. Trace all around edges, then cut, allowing for seams on all sides (3/8 inch).

Stitch on top and sides on traced line and turn up raw edge at bottom. Turn inside out and baste top edge. Fit neck of gown to underneath piece of collar band, easing it into the band, basting very closely. Bring upper part of band over this, baste and stitch on all edges.