Base of Neck (Model 13 inches).

Top of Neck (Model 12 inches).

Height of Collar (Model 2 1/2 inches).

Rectangle equals 1/2 the neck measurement for horizontal lines by height of collar desired, plus one inch, for vertical lines.

Mark A. B, C, D as illustrated, with A and C on fold.

Dot 1 is the desired height of collar up from C.

Dot 2 is 1 inch above D.

Connect 1 and B, and C and 2 with parallel downward curves.

Dot 3 is 1/2 the top neck measurement on line 1 and B, to right of Dot 1. Connect 3 and 2.

Cut out pattern on lines C, 2, 3 and 1.

When cutting on the cloth the center of the front may be on the warp or woof fold, the former preferred. Have two thicknesses of cloth, besides an interlining. Stitch sides and top together on wrong side, turn, and baste edges. Turn in lower edges and stitch, unless to be fastened to body of waist, in which case proceed as with collar band found with the night gown draft.