Waist - Place a tape measure around the smallest part of the waist.

Hips - With tape measure on waistline, measure 6 inches below, over fullest part of each hip, and pin. Place tape measure below pins and measure around easily.

Side length - Measure at side from lower edge of waist over hip to bend of knee.

Easy measurements should be taken for all underclothes, to allow for shrinkage as well as comfort.


Material, 1 3/4 yards cloth, 36 inches wide. (Cambric, long cloth, Fruit of the Loom, Pride of the West, etc. Price per yard, 6 cents and upwards.)

Waist. (Model 24 inches.)

Hips. (Model 39 inches.)

Side length, including ruffle. (Model 22 inches.)

Side length, without ruffle. (Model 17 inches.)

Width at fullest part. (Model \7 inches.)

Width at lower edge above ruffle. (Model 12 inches.)

Depth of ruffle. (Model 5 inches.)