Cut or tear as many warp strips of cloth as will measure once and a half the width it is to join, making each strip 4 inches wide when finished. Cut 5 inches to allow for hem. Join all the ends, making French seams when two selvages do not come together. Use quarter-inch machine hemmer, and gatherer attachment, dividing ruffle by notches in halves and quarters before gathering. Divide the bottom of skirt in same manner, and join, matching notches, with no seam at center front, but the middle of one of the strips. Pin, with the two raw edges on right side, holding ruffle on top. Baste and stitch 1/4 inch from edge, turn on wrong side, fold cloth the depth of seam, basting and stitching on edge of gathers to hide first stitching. Turn this seam up toward waist, baste flat, and stitch on right side on upper edge.