Note: As widths vary and prices fluctuate in different cities, it is impossible to give any accurate figure that can be followed in all cities, but an approximate retail price and width are here given, which may assist the pupil in obtaining a general knowledge of textile fabrics and be a guide when purchasing.

Novelties are not included.


Albatross, a plain, woolen fabric, similar to nun's veiling. Width 44 inches; price 75 cents.


Alpaca, cloth obtained from the hair of the alpaca, llama and vicuna animals. It has a high luster. Brilliantine, mohair and Sicilian come under the same head. The warp thread is cotton. Width 40 inches; price 75 cents up.

Basket Cloth

Basket Cloth, cloth having the warp and woof threads interlaced the same way. Width 45 inches; price $1.50 up.


Batiste, very sheer cotton or linen fabric. Cotton, width 44 inches; price 35 cents up. Linen, width 28 inches; price $1.00 up.

Beaver Cloth

Beaver Cloth, heavy, double woven, woolen cloth, used for outside garments. Width 56 inches; price $3.00 up.

Bedford Cord

Bedford Cord, woolen or cotton having a warp cord. Woolen, 54 inches wide; price S2.00 up.


Bengaline, a high grade, heavy woven silk, having a warp cord, similar to silk poplin. Width 26 inches; price 75 cents up.


Bleaching, making white by sunning or wetting.


Bolt, refers to materials such as cloth, ribbon, braid, etc., sold in quantity, containing a certain number of yards to make a bolt - usually 10 to 60 yards.


Brilliantine, a kind of Mohair, with more gluton in it. Width 36 inches; price 50 cents up.


Broadcloth, wide woolen cloth, with satin or glossy finish on face, and a nap. Width 52 inches up; price $1.00 to $5.00.


Brocade, a soft, fine silk cloth with figures or designs woven to give same effect as a damask. Width 27 inches; price $2 up.


Calico, coarse quality muslin or printed cloth. Width 36 inches; price 5 cents to 15 cents.


Cambric, thin, glossy muslin. Width 25 to 36 inches; price 5 cents up.

Cambric is also a general term for plain cotton cloth.

Camel's Hair

Camel's Hair, double width cloth made from the fleece of camels hair goat. It is woven with a twill, the hairs protruding and causing a rough surface. Width 54 inches; price $1.50 up.

Canton Flannel

Canton Flannel, soft cotton flannel with nap; also called cotton flannel, fleeced lined, tennis and daisy flannel. Width 28 inches; price 15c up.


Canvas, a heavy plain woven cloth either linen or cotton used for stiffening. Linen comes 25 inches wide. Price 25c up. Cotton, 1 yard wide; price 10 cents up.


Cashmere, a plain, soft woolen cloth. Width 36 to 48 inches; price 75 cents to $1.50.


Challis, a light weight dress goods of cotton, wool or both.


Cotton, width 24 inches; price 20 cents up.


Wool, width 32 inches; price 75 cents up.


Mixed, width, 40 inches; price 50 cents up.


Chambray, a kind of gingham. Width 28 inches; price 25 cents.

Cheese Cloth

Cheese Cloth, a thin, open-weave muslin, bleached or unbleached. Width 36 inches; price 5 cents up.


Cheviot, a twilled cotton or woolen with a rough nap. Width, woolen, 54 inches; price $2.00. Cotton, 27 inches; price 25 cents up.


Chiffon, a thin, gauzy silk fabric with a soft sheen to it. Width 44 inches; price 75 cents up.

Chiffon Cloth

Chiffon Cloth, a highly finished broadcloth with a satin face. Width 44 inches; price $2.00 up.

China Silk

China Silk, plain, woven silk, made in China, India and Japan. Width 26 inches; price $1.00 to $2.00.


Corduroy, a strong, corded, pile-woven cloth made of cotton only. Width 27 inches up; price 75 cents up.


Cotton, any white cloth made entirely from the cotton fiber. (See article on Cotton.) Width usually 1 yard; price 5 cents up.

Covert Cloth

Covert Cloth, a strong twilled woolen cloth for coats, of tan colors; 2 yarns. Width 56 inches; price $3.00.


Crash, coarse toweling. Width 18 inches up; price 10 cents to 20 cents.


Cravanette, a light weight waterproof woolen cloth for coats and suits. Width 50 to 60 inches; price $2.00 to $4.00.


Crepe, a cotton, silk, woolen or mixed cloth, with a curled or puckered irregular surface. Width, cotton, 27 inches up; price 10 cents up.


Silk, 21 inches; price $1.50 up. Woolen, 52 inches; price 75 cents. Mixed, 52 inches; price $2.00.

Crepe de Chene

Crepe de Chene, a high grade silk with an irregular wrinkled surface. Width 24 to 54 inches; price $1.00 to $3.00.


Denim, a heavy, cotton fabric for aprons, upholstery, etc. Width 36 inches up; price 25 cents up.


Diagonal, a worsted cloth with a diagonal twill. Width 52 to 58 inches; price $2.00 up.


Dimity, a fine lawn or muslin with a warp cord. Width 28 inches; price 5 cents to 40 cents.

Duchess Satin

Duchess Satin, a thin, high grade quality satin with less stiffening and a high luster. Width 20 inches; price $1.00 and up.


Duck, a strong, plain weave of linen or cotton. Linen, width 27 inches; price 40 cents. Cotton, 28 inches; price 20 cents.


Etamine, a fine, evenly-woven woolen or silk fabric. Width, woolen 54 inches; price $1.00 up. Silk, 28 inches; price $1.50.

Farmers Satin

Farmers Satin, a satin-weave lining with a cotton warp and worsted woof. Width 27 to 54 inches; prices 75 cents to $1.50.


Filling, the woof of goods, opposite to the warp.


Flannel, a cotton, woolen or mixed cloth loosely woven and with an unfinished surface. Width, cotton, 36 inches; price 15 cents.


Woolen, width 24 inches; price $2.50 up. Mixed, Width 36 inches; price 25 cents.


Flannelette, see Canton flannel.


Flax, a plant that produces the linen fiber. See article on linen.


Foulard, a thin, plain or twilled silk that has a conventional printed figure on it. Width 20 to 40 inches; price 50 cents up.


Galatea, similar to duck, with smooth finish, 29 inches; price 20 cents.


Gingham, a cotton cloth, plain, striped, plaided or checked which has been woven in the loom. Width 27 inches and over; price 10 cents up.