The variety of lace stitches is numberless, and may be applied to all kinds of braids, which are formed to make designs to be worked out with cotton, flax or silk threads.

Almost all the embroidery stitches are included among the lace stitches, changing the name when applied to lace braids; as, catch or herringbone stitch becomes the Russian or zigzag stitch, the loose buttonhole connected on the parallel lines, is the net stitch, etc.

Authorities differ so on names given to the same design after it is worked, it is only necessary to give the method of working some of the simplest stitches, that will serve as guides to complete the lace piece.

Because lace work has no background other than the fancy stitches, it demands more accuracy in workmanship, and is thus harder to accomplish. Basting well the foundation braid is the first step, making neat joins, where the braids cross. Lap raw edges together on the inside. To have a sampler of stitches to choose from, so certain stitches may be seen to be best adapted to different shaped-spaces, is quite essential.