Place back pattern on double thickness of cloth with lengthwise fold on center of back.

Place front pattern on double thickness of cloth, with right sides together, the center front on warp.

Pin along the warp first, and the rest of the pattern will be on the right grain of the material. Allow for 3/4 inch hem on shoulder and underarm seams, and 1/4 inch at neck, armsizes and bottom of pattern.

Trace center line 2 and 4 around edge of pattern, the waist lines with their crosses for gathers, and lines 15 and 16 on front neck, and 2 and 13 on back neck.

Cut out cloth, join, pinning first, on traced or fitting lines, matching underarms at waist lines, and the shoulder seams.

Baste well on fitting line, try on, and alter if necessary.

Stitch outside trace lines, so the second stitching will come on tracing.

Make a 3/4 inch box pleat on right front, and a 1/2-inch hem on left front.

Stitch box pleat 1/8 inch from each edge.

Gather at waist between crosses indicated, with two rows, the first on traced line, the second 1/2 inch below.

Cut straight strip of cloth, 4 inches larger than waist measurement (finished), and turned in on either long side to measure 1/2 inch wide finished. Cut 1 inch. Pin to waist line with center of belt at center back. Arrange fulness on back portion, with gathers toward center, to equal 3/8 of the belt strip, between underarm seams.

Each side of the front is divided between the remaining 5/8, with gathers toward the front. Stitch on edges and insert tape.

Turn 1/4-inch hem on bottom of corset cover.

Finish armsizes with bias binding or facing 1/2 inch wide. Join on underarm seam.

If beading is used for neck, use narrow machine hemmer and sew on beading at same time, or bind first, like armsizes, and add lace edge to these. The fulness for lace edge on armsize should equal once and a half the distance, with the same allowance at neck or if edge is over 3/4 inch wide, sew on at neck without gathers.

Make four buttonholes on the box pleat, the first just below the neck binding, cutting vertically and spacing evenly to waist line. Make fan ends.

Very small pearl buttons are used on corset covers. Pull out all baste threads, fasten or cut all loose ends, then press on wrong side, dampening if necessary. Attach name and date.