1. Name all the plain stitches and their uses.

2. State differences between the overcast and the over and over stitch.

3. Explain how a corner is mitered.

4. Describe needles and their sizes.

5. Describe threads and their various uses.

6. The patch - how applied on cotton? on woolen?

7. How do all plain stitches begin? In what direction are they sewed?

8. Explain method of darning and pressing a woolen tear.

9. Explain warp, woof, bias and crossway.

10. Write brief history of sewing machine.

11. Explain lock stitch and chain stitch.

12. Name all parts, adjustments and attachments of a machine.

13. Compare sizes and makes of machine needles and corresponding thread with sewing needles.

14. What is a French seam and how made?

15. In joining straight and bias edges, which should be on top? Why?

16. Describe the different ways of making buttonholes.

17. Explain and illustrate the buttonhole stitch.

18. When and how is a loop made?

19. Describe the proper method of making an apron that, when finished, will be 1 yard long and 24-inch waist.

20. How is a belt put on?

21. Explain different ways of sewing on buttons; hooks and eyes; ball and sockets.

22. Write brief history of cotton and its manufacture.

23. What is linen and how tested?

24. Write brief facts about wool.

25. Where does silk come from?