1. What measurements are necessary to draft a drawers pattern? Draw illustration with the dots.

2. What is the sewing line?

3. What is a lap, how deep should it be and how put on?

4. What measurements are taken to draft an underskirt?

5. How is a belt sewed on, and what is the width used on underclothes?

6. Where is the hip measurement taken?

7. What is the depth of placket on an underskirt?

8. Describe and illustrate the straight and bias of a skirt and how joined.

9. Which way of the goods are all garments cut? Why?

10. Why is the floor length of a skirt taken instead of dress length except on the front gore?

11. What measurements are taken for drafting a shirtwaist?

12. Illustrate how the shirt waist draft is used for a corset cover, chemise and night gown. Have center front line 3 inches.

13. What does "depth of armseye" mean and how is it found? The front and back.

14. What are the alteration seams on a shirt waist and how much is allowed on the different seams when cutting out pattern?

15. Give model measurements of a shirt waist.

16. Give model measurements of a skirt.

Illustrate a model with the center front gore 3 inches long and the rest of pattern in proportion.

17. How can the 5-gored underskirt pattern be made into a circular skirt?

18. What measurements are necessary to construct a sleeve draft? Illustrate.

19. Where does the seam of a one-piece sleeve join the waist?

20. Make an illustration of a sleeve draft on a 2-inch basis, for the first line.

21. What is a French lining?

22. How does sewing on woolen goods differ from cotton?

23. Proportion a 7-gored skirt with 36 waist, 40 hip, lengths to floor; front, 36; side 37 1/2; back 37.

24. How is braid attached to bottom of skirt?

25. Explain method of making a coat.