1 - Armseye, Armsize, or Armhole: Measure smoothly around top of arm over the shoulder (Model 15 inches). 2 - Shoulder to Elbow: Bend elbow tightly with arm even with shoulder. Measure from top of shoulder to elbow point (Model 14 inches).

3 - Elbow to Hand:

Measure from elbow point to just below wrist knuckle. (Model 10 inches).

4 - Around Elbow:

Bend elbow to obtain fullest measure around the elbow. (Model 12 inches).

5 - Around Wrist:

Measure over the wrist knuckle-bone. (Model 6 inches).

6 - Around Hand:

Measure around fullest part of hand, with fingers out-stretched and thumb in (Model 8 inches).

7 - Inside Seam to Elbow:

Measure from the pit of arm to bend of elbow (Model 9 inches).

8 - Inside Seam to Hand:

Measure from pit of arm to the hand, below the knuckle (Model 18 inches).