1. Basting

2. Sewing cotton

3. Glace cotton

4. Mercerized cotton

5. Luster cotton

6. Linen

7. Silk finish

Thread varies from Nos. 16 to 200.

1. Basting cotton is the inferior cotton thread used for basting and guiding. It is made from poor quality of cotton fiber.

2. Sewing cotton is mostly used for general hand and machine sewing in all colors and sizes.

Glace cotton was manufactured especially for the automatic machine. It has a smoother and harder finish than any other thread except linen.

4. Mercerized cotton is used principally by manufacturers to sew garments, and is a substitute for silk, working into the goods, especially woolens, much better than silk, tho it is not as strong.

5. Luster cotton or linen is a twilled, firm and strong thread, made of either fiber.

6. Linen thread is made from the flax fibers and is stronger than cotton thread.

7. Silk finish is a strong luster thread used principally in millinery.