Details of a contract between Signor Marconi and the Canadian government, by virtue of which the Canadians have been promised a new transatlantic telegraphic rate of 10 cents a word for ordinary messages, with a press rate of 5 cents a word, have just been made public. The Canadian government will contribute $80,000 toward the erection of a Marconi station in Nova Scotia, according to the plans and specifications made by Marconi himself. Should the station cost more than that amount, the additional expenditure will be borne by the company. It is agreed that there is to be no discrimination on Marconi's part in favor of the United States.

M. L. Cailletet has presented to the French Academy of Sciences a process for frosting and engraving on glass and crystal by the use of gelatine. The process consists of simply painting on a strong, hot solution of glue, which is allowed to dry. As it drys, it contracts, and the adhesion of the glue to the surface of the glass is sufficiently strong to tear off layers of the surface, leaving a beautifully frosted design. By a mixture of 6 per cent or less of potash, alum or various other crystalline chemicals, very beautiful crystalline patterns are obtained. - L' Industrie Electriq-ue.

A steamship using oil for fuel recently made a voyage from Borneo to Great Britain, a distance of eleven thousand miles, in splendid time, and at a reduced cost of handling. Three firemen did the work of twenty, with less discomfort and more efficiency. This has practically demonstrated the utility of fluid fuel, and now three oil depots are to be erected at Dover in the English Channel. Like facilities are to be strung along the sea lines of other coasts where ocean travel has its established highways. It takes but three hours for a liner to load up 1,500 tons of oil-fuel, and this and other economies will count in its favor for marine purposes. Will King Coal yet have a royal competitor, or did nature make a mistake in providing "gushers " ? A steamship recently loaded 157,871 cases, each case containing ten gallons of refined petroleum, for Japan. The value of the cargo was estimated at $146,000. The United States is building up a splendid foreign trade in this line.- Age of Steel.

The wave motion of the sea is utilized to run an electric-lighted buoy at the mouth of the river Elbe in the North Sea. The least motion of the water is sufficient to generate the electric current, which when not needed passes to storage batteries.

The casting of motor described in March number has been delayed at the foundry, and cannot be offered as a premium until next month.

An English contemporary states that the government of India has definitely decided in favor of electric lighting and punkah-pulling for a number of military barracks in that country.