The consul-general at Yokohama, Japan, reports to the state department at Washington that the postal authorities are considering American automobiles for transporting the mails at Tokio.

According to Electricity, the New York Central Railroad Company has formally notified Mayor Low of New York city that electricity as a motive power will be substituted for steam on all trains passing through Park avenue tunnel.

Mr. Thomas A. Edison is building a special electric car, fitted with his new storage batteries, to be used in the 500-mile reliability run in October under the auspices of the Automobile Club of America. The journey will be from New York to Boston and return.

In a gas engine, when coupled to a dynamo, the gas used to drive it for the production of electricity, it is claimed by the Electrical Review, yields three times as much light in incandescent lamps, and about 11 times as much in arc lamps, as the same amount of gas would give off if burned directly at gas jets.

The Great Northern Railway Company in England has recently made provision, at the locomotive works at Don caster, for a new locomotive-erecting shop 580 feet long, and equipped throughout with electrically-driven machinery. The overhead electric cranes are capable of lifting a weight of 35 tons.

Rear-Admiral Rodgers and the naval board, of which he is chairman, have selected a site for a government wireless telegraph station on the Na-vesink Highlands, says Electricity.

The first trackless trolley in America will be in operation in Franklin, N. II., says Electricity, the City Council having granted permission to a company to erect poles and wires for the system between the railroad stations. Work on the new line is to be begun at once. In Germany a line of the sort has been in operation for some time from the old fortress of Konigstein through the Biela valley, the cars running over the highway and street pavements.

It is reported, says Railway and Locomotive Engineering, that the Boston and Maine and the Boston and Albany railroads are about to discontinue oiling their roadbeds, after a three years' trial. Several roads are ballasting the permanent way with broken stone, which, after the rain has thoroughly washed it, gives no further trouble from dust. Elsewhere the oiled roadbed is giving every satisfaction.