The interest shown in the first number of Amateur Work by numerous patrons is very gratifying to those interested in its publication. We are sure this interest will be sustained by this and future issues. The field is a broad one, and will be carefully developed by experienced writers. Many interesting subjects are being investigated, and will eventually find an appropriate place in our pages. The constant endeavor will be, to so present the various topics as to stimulate the interest of our readers to attempting work that will afford them instruction and pleasure. Many young men idle away time which could be profitably spent in following work here presented. No one can tell when the knowledge acquired at leisure may prove of marked value in the business life.

Electricity is now so much a part of many kinds of business, that the "Studies in Electricity," if carefully followed, should be of great practical value. The successive chapters of this series will afford an opportunity for study, the equivalent of which can be obtained only from a technical school or from books costing many times the subscription rate of this magazine. The construction work and experiments to be presented are progressive, and in harmony with the development of the subject.

The chapters on "Mechanical Drawing" will give the student practical instruction in actual drafting-room practice. The separate parts, and finally an assembly of an upright steam-engine, are the subjects to be presented, together with much general information. The value of a knowledge of mechanical drawing, to any one engaged in manufacturing, cannot be overestimated. To apprentices in machine and electrical shops this opportunity for self-education should be welcome. Students in schools where this is not taught should likewise find these papers of grest value.