Waxed floors require regular and thorough attention, if the surface is to retain the appearance so much desired by all good housekeepers. This involves mueh laborious work, which may be avoided by using the polisher here described. The base is a strong wooden box 10" long, 6" wide and 5" deep. Several layers of old cloth, cut from a discarded garment, are tacked to the bottom for padding. A strip of heavy Wilton or other pile carpeting, 14" long and 10" wide, is then tacked over the padding. The carpeting around the sides prevents the polisher from scratching the baseboards or other furniture of the room. A suitable piece of carpeting can generally be found in the waste-box of any carpet-store.

Waxed Floor Polisher 22

The handle is made from an old broom or mop handle and a block of wood, the width of the latter being a trifle less than the inside width of the box, and 5" long and 3" thick. A hole 2" deep is bored in one end large enough to hold tightly the handle, which should be glued or nailed, to hold it firmly in place. In the center of the sides of the box, 2" from the top edge, bore two holes for two 1/2" lag-screws that should fit these holes loosely, and be screwed into the block 2" from the lower end. This allows the handle to be adjusted to push either way. The empty space in each end of the box is used for the weights. Flatirons or bricks are suitable. The polisher is pushed along the floor, and requires but little labor to give the floor a nice polish. Powdered wax is the most suitable to use with this polisher, and a little should be sprinkled on the floor before using the polisher.