Owing to a serious accident this issue is much delayed. We are making a big hustle and expect to issue the May number about on time.

The patterns for the 75-watt and 150-watt dynamos recently described in this magazine has been completed and premium offers of castings for same will be made in the May number.

We very much desire to know how many readers are interested in photography, and would request those who are to send us postal communications stating this and what additions to this department they would like.

Through an error an extra large supply of volume V have been bound. To quickly move a portion of this stock we will send a copy, postpaid for $1.00. This offer is limited to 2oo copies, the first orders, received up to this number to be filled.

For the information of readers interested in gas engines, we announce the publication in the May issue of a description of a 3 1-2 x 3 1-2 in. vertical two-cycle gas engine, this design being fully up-to-date in every particular. As soon as they can be prepared, castings will be offered as premiums and for sale, in both the rough and partly machined, thus enabling any one to finish an engine at small cost, and requiring but few tools for the work. The design is one which will also permit two cylinders being placed on one base, and also run as a two or three port engine as may be desired. If there should be a sufficient demand, castings will be gotten out for a 5x5 engine of the same design.

The first chapter of a very complete series of articles describing a model electric railway will be published in the June issue. The signals will be of the block signal type, and will be faithful representations of those in use on the railways about the country. Bridges, turntables, and other fixtures will be included in the several chapters, and arrangements are now being made to supply the parts ordinarily found difficult to obtain. .