The fish rake can be made in any size, for minnows or salmon, but it is especially adapted for fish that run in schools, like smelt, herring and minnows. Procure a piece of wood, 7 ft. long, 4 in. wide and 7/8 in. thick, and make a handle 3 ft. long on one end. Dress the other end to an edge, rip off a 1-in. strip and drill holes to receive nails or pieces of wire from the back, through the edge, and projecting about

A Fish Rake 987

The Rake is so Constructed That It can be Taken Apart for Packing

4 in. The strip is then replaced and fastened with screws. The handle can be cut from the blade and jointed by using tubing. This makes it handy to take apart and pack. - Contributed by L. W. Pedrose, Seattle, Wash.