A good noise maker for Halloween or any other occasion, can be made by carefully following the directions here given. The box is the first thing to make. It is constructed' of wood pieces, 1/2in. thick, and consists of two ends and two sides. The ends are each 1 1/2in. square and the sides 1 1/2in. wide and 6 in. long. These parts are nailed together with the ends lapping the sides.

The ratchet wheel A is a disk of hard wood, 1 1/2in. in diameter. Its rim is divided into eight equal parts, and notched with a knife as shown. It is placed in the forward end of the box on a wood axle of 1/8-in. diameter to which it is glued. One end of this axle is squared and projects 1 in. beyond the side of the box. The squared end passes through a square hole in the end of the crank C, which is a piece of wood 3/4 in. thick, 1 in. wide and 4 in. long, and is fastened with brads and glue. At the other end of the crank, a similar hole connects with a handle whittled to the shape shown at B.

A flat piece of steel spring, 1/2 in. wide and long enough to reach from the rear end of the box to the teeth of the ratchet wheel, is shaped as shown at D. The spring may be made from a stiff piece of corset steel or bicycle trousers guard. The spring is fastened with a nail through the end and box sides and a second nail passes through the sides over the spring, about 2 in. forward from the first nail. This is to give the spring tension on the teeth. To operate the clapper, it is allowed to hang straight down, while the right hand grasps the handle and whirls the box in a circle around to the left. - Contributed by C. C. Fraser.

A Whirligig Clapper 1080Detail of the Parts and How They are Assembled to Make the Clapper

Ill: Detail of the Parts and How They are Assembled to Make the Clapper