A very deceiving illusion can be contrived with a bit of wire, a rubber band and a toothpick. An ordinary straight hairpin will serve instead of the wire. The hairpin or wire is bent as shown in the illustration, and the rubber band then placed on the inverted U-shaped part. A toothpick is inserted through the rubber band and a few turns taken by slipping the toothpick back and forth so it will pass the wire.

Toothpick in Rubber Band

Ill: Toothpick in Rubber Band

Hold the wire straight in front of the eyes, and, using the forefinger of the right hand, turn the end of the toothpick A, Fig. 1, down until it almost reaches the opposite point A, Fig. 2, and let the finger slip off. It will appear as if the toothpick passed through the wire. - Contributed by H. H. Windsor, Jr.