The usual method of reeling up a clothesline and taking it in is quite a task and many times the lines are left out in the open from one wash day to another, due to neglect o r forgetful-ness. I made the arrange-m e n t shown in the sketch to take care of the line without any effort to the user.

Sash pulley


Reel in the Basement

Ill: Reel in the Basement

All that is necessary with this arrangement is to take the end of the line and run it over the hooks or sheaves on the posts and make it secure around an awning fastener. When loosed, the weight in the basement will wind up the line.

A knot can be tied in the line near the reel to catch at a hole in the sill, which will prevent the strain on the reel. If the reel is made to wind up 4 ft. of line to each revolution and the sash-cord shaft is % in. in diameter, about 100 ft. of line can be taken up in a basement 7 ft. high. - Contributed by A. E. Little, Akron, O.

Black-heart malleable iron derives its name from the fact that in annealing only the outer layers of carbon are oxidized, the carbon of the interior being simply changed to a black amorphous state.