A very instructive little instrument can be easily made for telling the time of any location on the globe. Its construction is extremely simple. Draw a circle, about 1 1/2in. in diameter, on a piece of paper and then draw a larger circle, about 4 in. in diameter, around the first one. Divide the circles into 36 equal parts and draw lines from one circle to the other like the spokes in a wheel. These divisions will be 10 deg., or 40 minutes of time, apart. They should be numbered around the outside, commencing at a point marked 0 and marking the numbers by tens each way until they meet at 180 deg.

A Time Chart for Telling the Hour of the Day at Any Place on the Globe

Ill: A Time Chart for Telling the Hour of the Day at Any Place on the Globe

Using a map of the eastern and western hemispheres, write the names of the different cities on the globe in their respective degrees of longitude. The center, or inside, of the smaller circle is divided into 24 divisions representing the hours of the day and night, and these are marked from 1 to 12, the left side being forenoon, and the right, afternoon. The noon mark must be set on the line nearest to the location in which the instrument is to be used. For instance, if the instrument is to be used in Chicago, it is set as shown in the sketch.

The disk is mounted on a thin piece of board and a pin is driven through the center from the back side so as to make a projecting point on the upper side on which to place the magnetized needle of a compass. The needle may be taken from any cheap compass.

All that is necessary to do, to tell what time it is in any other city or country, is to turn the instrument so that the name of that place points toward the sun, when the north end of the compass needle will point on the disk to the time it is in that city or locality. - Contributed by Henry J. Marion, Pontiac, Mich.