The line is equipped with rings, one at each end, used for convenience in quickly hanging the line, which is then drawn taut with a lever. A screwhook is fastened in one end post and at the other end a screwhook is attached to a lever which is pivoted to the post. The lever should be about 3 ft. long, 1 in. thick, 3 in. wide at one end, and

Hanging a Clothesline Taut 1071Hanging a Clothesline Taut 1072

A Lever Attached on One End Post Makes It Easy to Draw the Line Taut

1 1/2 in. wide at the other, or handle, end. A large wood screw is used to attach it to the post. A pin is placed in the post to hold the lever when the line is drawn taut. - Contributed by Warren E. Crane, Cleveland, Ohio.