Every person should understand the simple method of making a paper drinking cup. It may be necessary at times to make quick use of medicine and with no cup or spoon convenient, the pyramid-shaped cup shown in the sketch is a useful emergency utensil.

Fig.3 Fig.5 Folds In The Paper

Ill: Fig.3 Fig.5 Folds In The Paper

The paper cup is made as follows:

Cut the paper into a square and crease it on the dotted lines, A G, F B, and C D E, as shown in Fig. 1. Fold the paper in half through the line C D E to form a rectangle, Fig. 2. Fold points C and E inward until they meet inside the triangle to form the shape shown in Fig. 3. This makes four distinct corners, F, G, A and B. Fold the paper over on the dotted line and bring the points A and B together as in Fig. 4. The extreme edges meet in the central line indicated. Reverse the paper and fold the points G and F in like manner. Turn the points A B and F G inward and fold on the dotted line, and you will have a perfect pyramid-shaped cup as shown in Fig. 5. - Contributed by Miss Margaret S. Humphreville, Mt. Pleasant, O.