To protect the poultry from mites and other insects while roosting, I constructed a roost hanger, as shown, with oil cups made of empty shoe-polish cans. The cover of the box was nailed to the roost and the bottom, for holding the oil, on top of the roost support. A large nail was driven through the support from the under side and through the center of the can bottom, so that about 1 1/4in. projected above the latter.

The can cover was perforated in the center and a hole, about 1/2 in. deep, was drilled in the roost so that the end of the nail would easily slip into it. The bottom of the can was filled with a mixture of kerosene, vaseline and carbolic acid and the roost set in place. Both ends of each roost are fixed in the same way. This makes it impossible for any insects to get on the roost. - Contributed by Rudolph Netzeband, St. Louis, Mo.

Insect Proof Poultry Roost 982