The appearance of an electric-light globe can be very prettily improved by making a shade of crepe paper of any desired color for each one. Canary-colored crepe produces a soft, mellow effect. Pale blue, yellow, red and, in fact, all the colors can be used, making a very pleasing variety.

Two Pieces of Crepe Paper Stitched Together and Ruffled, to Make a Fancy Electric Light Shade

Ill: Two Pieces of Crepe Paper Stitched Together and Ruffled, to Make a Fancy Electric-Light Shade

The body of the shade is made of a piece of paper about 5 1/2 in. wide and 3 1/2 ft. long. The width will vary with the length of the globe to be covered, and it is best to have it full, as the edge can be trimmed even with the lower end of the globe afterward. Another piece of the same color is cut 2 1/2 in. wide and of the same length. This piece makes the ruffle.

The smaller piece is placed on the larger centrally, and both are stitched together with a running stitch, using a needle and cotton thread. A plain running stitch is also made 1/4 in. from one edge of the larger strip. The material is gathered along both threads. This operation makes the material shrink in length. Wrap it around the globe, pulling the threads taut so that the ends of the paper will just meet. Tie the threads and clip off the extending ends. If the paper extends beyond the end of the globe, trim it off with the shears. Ruffle the two edges of the narrow strip and the lower edge of the larger one. This operation is simply stretching the edge of the crepe to cause it to stand out. - Contributed by Jas. A. Hart, Philadelphia, Pa.