The wood handle of a kettle or cooking utensil when not in use usually comes in contact with the side of the vessel and it will absorb enough heat each time to finally char and crack the wood. The heat of the handle at times is so intense that it often results in a burned hand. The spiral metal handle provides a way for cooling by exposing a considerable surface to the air, yet the metal retains the heat so that many times it is too hot to handle. If a wood handle is provided with a coil of wire as shown in the accompanying sketch, the wood cannot come in contact with the side of the heated vessel and the air encircling the wood prevents it from • getting too hot to handle. The spiral can be attached to a metal handle with solder.

Tin Can Used for Watering Chickens

Ill: Tin Can Used for Watering Chickens

An ordinary discarded tomato can makes a good watering vessel for young chickens. Care must be taken in opening the can to cut the tin so the cover will hinge. Cut the tin about 1 1/2 in. from the bottom so that it will form a U-s h a p e d piece as shown in the sketch and push the hanging portion in the can. Fill the can up to the opening with water, close the cover and set it in the coop. - Contributed by L. Alberta Norrell, Augusta, Ga.

Protecting a Kettle Handle from Heat 301Protecting a Kettle Handle from Heat 302