A piece of paper, 3 or 4 in. long, is folded several times, as shown in the sketch, and the first fold marked out to represent one-half of an Indian. Cut out all the folds at one time on the dotted line and you will have as many men joined together as there were folds in the paper. Join the hands of the two end men with a little paste so as to form a circle of Indians holding hands.

The next thing to do is to punch holes in heavy cardboard that is large enough to cover a pot or stew pan, and partially fill the vessel with water. Set this covered vessel over a heat and bring the water to a boiling point and then set the miniature Indians on the perforated cover. The dance will begin. Indian War Dance

Illustration: Indian War Dance

If the Indians are decked out with small feathers to represent the head gear and trailing plumes, a great effect will be produced. --Contributed by Maurice Baudier, New Orleans, La.