Amateurs building induction coils are generally bothered by the vibrator contacts blackening, thus giving a high resistance contact, whenever there is any connection made at all. This trouble may be done away with by departing from the old single-contact vibrator and using one with self-cleaning contacts as shown. An old bell magnet is rewound full of No. 26 double cotton-covered wire and is mounted upon one end of a piece of thin sheet iron 1 in. by 5 in. as per sketch. To the other end of the strip of iron is soldered a piece of brass 1/64 in. by 1/4, in. by 2 in., on each end of which has been soldered a patch of platinum foil 1/4 in. square. Interrupter for Induction Coil

Illustration: Interrupter for Induction Coil

The whole is connected up and mounted on a baseboard as per sketch, the contact posts being of 1/4 in. by 1/2 in. brass, bent into shape and provided with platinum tipped thumb screws. The advantage of this style of an interrupter is that at each stroke there is a wiping effect at the heavy current contact which automatically cleans off any carbon deposit.

In the wiring diagram, A is the circuit breaker; B, the induction coil, and C, the battery. --Contributed by A. G. Ward, Wilkinsburg, Pa.