A test can be made to know if your watch is magnetized by placing a small compass on the side of the watch nearest the escapement wheel if the compass pointer moves with the escapement wheel the watch is magnetized. A magnetized watch must be placed in a coil that has an alternating current of electricity flowing through it to remove the magnetism. A demagnetizer can be made as shown in the illustration. Two end pieces for the coil are made as shown in Fig. 1 from 1/4-in. wood. These ends are fastened together, Fig. 2, with cardboard 3 in. long glued to the inside edges of the holes cut in . Wind upon the spool thus formed about 2 lb. of No. 16 cotton-covered copper wire. As it will be necessary to place a 16-cp. lamp in series with the coil, both the coil and lamp can be mounted on a suitable base and connected as shown in Fig. 3. The current, which must be 110 volt alternating current, is turned on the lamp and coil and the magnetized watch slowly drawn through the opening in the center of the coil. --Contributed by Arthur Liebenberg, Cincinnati, O. Watch Demagnetizer

Illustration: Watch Demagnetizer