While a fractured bone was healing in the limb of my boy he needed a pair of crutches and not being able to secure the right length, I set about to make the crutches from two broom handles. I split the handles to within 1 ft. of the end (Fig. 1) with a rip saw, and then stuck in a barrel of water for three days to make the wood pliable for bending. A grip for each stick was made as long as the hand is wide and a hole bored through the center the size of a No. 10 gauge wire. These grips were placed between the two halves of each stick at the right distance for the length of the boy's arm and a wire run through both split pieces and the handle then riveted as shown in Fig. 2. Another piece was cut as shown at A, Fig. 3, and nailed to the upper ends of each half of the broom handle. --Contributed by Geo. P. Grehore, Nashville, Tenn. A Broom Handle Crutch

Illustration: A Broom Handle Crutch

Crutch Made Of An Old Broom

An emergency crutch made of a worn-out broom is an excellent substitute for a wood crutch, especially when one or more crutches are needed for a short time, as in cases of a sprained ankle, temporary lameness, or a hip that has been wrenched.

Shorten and hollow out the brush of the broom and then pad the hollow part with cotton batting, covering it with a piece of cloth sewed in place. Such a crutch does not heat the arm pit and there is an elasticity about it not to be had in the wooden crutch. The crutch can be made to fit either child or adult and owing to its cheapness, can be thrown away when no longer needed. --Contributed by Katharine D. Morse, Syracuse, N. Y.

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