To make this bag, get a piece of Russian calf modeling leather. A of brown is the best as it does not soil easily and does not require coloring, which spoils the leather effect.

The dimensions of the full sized bag are: from A to B, 17-1/2 in. ; from C to D, 16-1/4 in.; from E to F,9-1/4 in.; G to H, 6-1/4 in., and E to G, 2-1/4 in.

Enlarge the accompanying pattern to the given dimensions, trace this or some other appropriate design on it, and then cut the leather the size of the pattern.

Use a sponge to dampen the leather on the rough side, not so damp that the water will come through to the right side when working, but damp enough to allow the design to be well impressed on the leather. Use a smooth, non-absorbent surface to lay the leather on while at work. How To Make A Ladies Handbag 373

Illustration: Pattern

Now lay the pattern on the right side of the leather and with the smallest end of the leather tool or a sharp, hard pencil, trace the design carefully on the leather. Moisten the leather as often as necessary to keep it sufficiently moist to work well. Trace the openings for the handles, also lines A-G, H-B, and E-G, G-J, and corresponding lines on the other side. Design on the Leather

Illustration: Design on the Leather

Remove pattern and trace the design directly on leather with the round point of tool, until it is made distinct and in marked contrast to the rest of the leather. Do not make sharp marks but round the edges of the lines nicely, with the rounded sides of the tools.

To complete the bag, get something with which to make a lining. A piece of oozed leather is the most satisfactory. Cut it the same size as the bag, place both together and with a leather punch, make holes all around the edge of the bag about 1/8 in. apart. Cut out the leather for the handle openings. Care should be taken not to cut the holes too near the edge of the bag lest the lacing pull out. Now cut narrow thongs, about 1/8 in. wide, and lace through the holes, lacing the sides of the end pieces in with the sides of the bag. Crease the lines A-G and B-H inward for ends of bag.