A good smooth box, say 8 in. wide, 10 in. high and 12 in. long, will serve the purpose for the main part of this small theater. Out two rectangular holes, Fig. 1, one in each end and exactly opposite each other. Place a screw eye about 1/2 in. from the edge on each side of these openings. Fit an axle in the screw eyes and fasten a spool to the middle of the axle. On one of the two spools attach another smaller spool, Fig. 2, to be used as a driving pulley. Cut out the front part of the box down to a level with the top of the spools. Connect the spools with a belt made from tape about 3/4 in. wide. On this belt fasten figures cut from heavy paper and made in the form of people, automobiles, trolley cars, horses and dogs. A painted scenery can be made in behind the movable tape. The front part of the box may be draped with curtains, making the appearance of the ordinary stage, as shown in Fig. 3. A small motor will run the spools and drive the tape on which the figures are attached. --Contributed by William M. Crilly, Jr., Chicago.

A Floating Compass Needle [160]