Beautiful and useful household ornaments, grills and gratings for doors, windows, shelves, odd corners, etc., can be made by the following method at a slight cost and by anyone possessing a little ingenuity. The materials required are rope or, preferably, common window cord (called sash cord) about 5/16 in. in diameter; ordinary glue, paraffin and paint or varnish. A few strips of wood or molding are very handy to use around the edges.

The design must be considered first and when one is selected, if it is other than straight lines, adopt the method described.

Take a smooth flat board and layout the design or designs which, when combined, will produce the pattern desired. Drive finishing nails at the angle points or along curves as required. Coat the board along the lines of the patterns with melted paraffin, using an ordinary painter's brush to prevent the ropes from sticking to the boards after they are soaked in glue and run around the nails.

Soak the sash cord in common glue sizing for a short time, then bend or twist it along or around the lines desired, as shown in Fig. 1, and give it time to dry. The bottom part of the sketch, Fig. 1, shows a method of winding the rope on a round stick to make circular objects. Wind the desired number of turns and when dry, cut and glue together.

Fig. 2 Designs for Grills

Fig. 2-Designs for Grills

Fig. 1 Method Of Forming The Rods

Fig. 1--Method Of Forming The Rods

Fig. I-Method of Forming the Rope

In Fig. 2, six designs are shown. These suggest ideas in making up combinations or in plain figures and the number is limited only by the ingenuity of the designer. -Contributed by Geo. M. Harrer, Lockport, N. Y.