Vienna bread and Vienna beer are said to be the best in the world. Both owe their superiority to the yeast used, which is prepared in the following manner: Indian corn, barley, and rye (all sprouting) are powdered and mixed, and then macerated in water at a temperature of from 1490 to1670 Fahr. Saccharification takes place in a few hours, when the liquor is racked off and allowed to clear, and fermentation is set up by the help of a minute quantity of any ordinary yeast. Carbonic acid is disengaged during the process with so much rapidity that the globules of yeast are thrown up by the gas, and remain floating on the surface, where they form a thick scum. The latter is carefully removed, and constitutes the best and purest yeast, which, when drained and compressed in a hydraulic press, can he kept from 8 to 15 days, according to the season