Sec. 629. The circuit, courts shall have original jurisdiction * * * of all suits at law or in equity arising under the patent copyright laws of the United States.

Title XIII, Rev. Stat, p. 169:

Sec. 893. Copies of the specifications and drawings of foreign letters patent certified as provided in the preceding section, shall be prima facie evidence of the fact of the granting of such letters patent, and of the date and contents thereof.

Sec. 894. The printed copies of specifications and drawings of patents, which the Commissioner of Patents is authorized to print for gratuitous distribution, and to deposit in the Capitols of the Slates and Territories, and in the clerks' offices of the district courts, shall, when certified by him and authenticated by the seal of his office, be received in all courts as evidence of all matters therein contained.

Sec. 1537. No patented article connected with marine engines shall hereafter be purchased or used in connection with any steam vessels of war until the same shall have been submitted to a competent board of naval engineers, and recommended by such board, in writing, for purchase and use.

Title XVII. Rev. Stat., p. 292:

Sec. 1673. No royalty shall be paid by the United States to any one of its officers or employees for the use of any patent for the system, or any part theeof, mentioned in the preceding section, nor for any such patent in which said officers or employees may be directly or indirectly interested.