According to the Census of 1900 there are 5,737,372 farms having 414,498,487 acres of improved land and 424.093,287 acres of unimproved land. The value of all farm property was $20,439,901,164. The value of the land with improvements, including buildings, was $16,614,647,491. The value of implements and machinery was $749,775,970. The value of the live stock was $3,075,477,703. The average number of acres to a farm was 146.2 acres.

The total value of the product of all the farms was $4,717,069,973, and was divided as follows: Animal products, $1,718,365,561; crops, $2,998,704,612. Of the latter, $974,940,616 was fed to the live stock. The value of all live stock on farms and ranges was $2,-979,197,586; poultry, $85,756,503; bees, $10,178,087.


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The Poultry Industry.