3122. The third time is for luck. "Three's a charm."

3123. Three is an unlucky number..........Mountains

3124. In fire insurance, one large loss means that there will be three losses.

3125. One suicide or one murder means that there will be two more.

3126. It causes bad luck for a passenger who wishes to stop a car to ring the bell three times.

3127. It brings bad luck for the last of three people to use a lighted match in smoking.

3128. The third who uses a towel will have bad luck.

3129. The number seven is a good luck number.

3130. The seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, or the seventh son of a seventh son, will be extremely lucky .............................Mountains

3131. The seventh son of a seventh son can be a healer, fortune-teller or the like.

3132. The seventh son will always be a preacher, a doctor or a lawyer.

3133. If you stick a knife into the ground eight times, you will have good luck..................Mountains

3134. Nine is a lucky number for travelers.

3135. Eleven is a good number in a crap game (perhaps because it rhymes with seven).

3136. Thirteen is a bad-luck number.

3137. If one is born on the thirteenth day of the month, thirteen is his lucky number.

3138. Those born on the thirteenth will die before they are thirty.

3139. A clock that strikes thirteen prophesies death.

3140. If thirteen people are seated at a table, the first to get up will die before that time next year.

3141. Of thirteen people who sit down to a meal, one will die within a month.

3142. If thirteen people sit at a table, the youngest will die soon.

3143. If you find the number thirteen turned towards you, you will be an old maid.

3144. Put twenty-four canceled postage stamps into an envelope, and throw them out of a window in the morning. You will find something.

3145. It is a bad-luck sign to have an uneven number of anything.

3146. If you count ninety-nine stars without bowing your head, you will drop dead.

3147. If you try to count one hundred stars without looking down, you will fall dead on the ninety-ninth.

3148. If you count one hundred stars without looking down, your mother will die before the year is out.

3149. If you count one hundred stars, you will drop dead.

3150. Stamp every negro that you meet until you have stamped one hundred; then you will receive a desirable present.

3151. If you stamp one hundred negroes, you will find something.