1035. Sneeze on Monday for health.

Sneeze on Tuesday for wealth. Sneeze on Wednesday for a letter. Sneeze on Thursday for something better. Sneeze on Friday for sorrow. Sneeze on Saturday, see your sweetheart tomorrow.

Sneeze on Sunday, safety seek, For the Devil will be with you the rest of the week.

6 Spitting is often the means of averting some kind of disaster. Therefore the use of saliva appears in many of the classes of superstitions in this volume. To find them the reader may consult the index.

1036. Sneezes as in 1035, except -

"Sneeze on Sunday, from the Devil you will borrow."

1037. "Sneeze on Sunday, safety seek;

Old Nick will chase you all the week. Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for danger, Sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger," And the rest as in 1035.

1038. Sneezes as in number 1035, except -

"Sneeze on Sunday, get a sweetheart's kiss that day."

1039. "Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for danger.

Sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger. Sneeze on Wednesday, get a letter. Sneeze on Thursday, something better." And the rest as in 1035.

1040. If you sneeze three times before breakfast on Sunday morning, there will be three deaths before the week is out.

1041. It brings bad luck to sneeze before arising in the morning.

1042. If you sneeze before seven, you will have company before eleven.

1043. If you sneeze before breakfast, you will cry before dinner and weep before supper.

1044. If you sneeze twice before breakfast, you will have a beau that day.

1045. To sneeze three times before breakfast is a good luck sign.

1046. If you sneeze before you eat,

You will have visitors before you sleep.

1047. To sneeze at the breakfast table is a sign of death.

1048. If the youngest in the family sneezes at the breakfast table on Sunday morning, a death will follow.

1049. A sneeze at the table is a sign of death.

1050. If you sneeze at the table when your mouth is full of food, there will be a death.

1051. To sneeze at table is the sign that there will be one more or one fewer at the next meal.

1052. If you sneeze once, someone will come into or leave the house within an hour.

1053. If you sneeze twice, you may expect two callers within two hours.

1054. Sneeze three times for a letter.

1055. If you sneeze three times in succession, you will be an old maid.

1056. If one sneezes in a group of people, what is being said will come true.

1057. A sneeze in a crowd means that the crowd will be increased or decreased by one.

1058. Look at the sun if you feel inclined to sneeze.