3034. It brings bad luck to come to a place in the road where someone has drawn his foot across the way.

3035. It causes bad luck to run across a bridge. Mountains

3036. If you are walking at night and see a will 'o the wisp, you must instantly turn your coat wrong side out and put it on, or you will die.

3037. When you are walking, if you pick up all the burnt matches you see, you will find money.. Blue Grass

3038. It brings good luck to meet the same person on the way both to and from any place ........................................Blue Grass Negroes

3039. It brings good luck to meet the same people two or three times in the same place on the same day not by appointment.

3040. If a man or a woman follows you for five blocks and then turns away, you will lose money..........................................Mountains

3041. When you are going anywhere, it causes bad luck to meet a woman first, but good luck to meet a man or boy.

3042. To walk on the opposite side of a post from a companion will bring on a quarrel.

3043. Avert the danger of a quarrel after you have walked on the opposite side of a post from your companion by spitting on the post.

3044. To avert the penalty of allowing a post to come between you and a companion, say "Bread and butter."

3045. To avert the penalty of allowing a post to come between you and your companion, join hands.

3046. If two persons who are walking together permit a third to pass between them, they will have a quarrel.

3047. It causes bad luck to pass between two women.

3048. It causes good luck to pass between two men.

3049. If you do not step on the lines of a concrete or stone pavement, you will have something good for dinner.

3050. "If you sing on the street,

With displeasure you will meet".......Mountains

3051. It causes bad luck to cross a street anywhere except at a crossing.

3052. It causes bad luck to forget something and have to go back for it.

3053. If you start to go anywhere and then go back three times, you will have trouble.

3054. Avert the bad luck incident to turning back by counting ten.

3055. If you must go back after starting anywhere, avert the bad luck penalty by sitting down.

3056. Avert the ill luck which comes from turning back after starting by spitting over your left shoulder.

3057. You can avert bad luck incident to turning back after once starting, by making a cross and spitting into it.

3058. If you postpone a trip, you will never take it.

3059. To see a red-haired girl in the morning of the day you are going on a journey brings bad luck........................................Blue Grass

3060. If the day is clear upon which you start on an ocean voyage you will not be homesick......Blue Grass

3061. If you start anywhere with wet clothes in your trunk, you will have bad luck.

3062. If you watch a person out of sight, you will never see him again.

3063. If you wave a person off or kiss him good-bye a second time, he will never reach his journey's end.

3064. To touch a street-car will bring good luck.

3065. It is an omen of good luck for a red-haired man to run in front of a street car.

3066. It brings good luck for a negro to run and jump on a street-car.

3067. It brings good luck to see an empty street-car.

3068. It causes bad luck for a fuse in a street-car to blow out at the corner of a street.

3069. Bad fortune is invited by the street-car motorman who scratches his car during his first trip on it; he may expect a violent accident.

3070. It causes bad luck for a street-car to stop in front of a church.

3071. For a wagon to turn from one side to the other before leaving a street-car track means bad luck, for when this happens the motorman's pay will be docked at the end of the week.

3072. If you meet a friend of yours on the train, you will never lose his friendship.............Blue Grass

3073. To count the cars of a passenger train is a sign of death.

3074. It brings bad luck to count freight cars.

3075. Certain rooms in hotels have the name of bad-luck rooms.

3076. To close a hotel register causes bad luck.

3077. If you have a fight with someone in a strange town, you will be defeated..........Western Kentucky