You must find yourself a ship, you must sail, sail, sail,

Then buy a horse and ride him on and on, Up the river gorges, over mountain, over, vale,

Till you come to the gardens of Kerman.

The pathways of our garden are all primly paved with brick,

Tiny streams on every side are flowing by, Pink roses by the million cluster thick, thick, thick,

You can hardly see the branches it you try.

The fairest of our roses is the dazzling Nastaran - Five times the height of Daddy is the tree - And from head to foot it's covered (you may count them if you can) With roses snowy white for you and me.

And round us is the green lucerne, and over us the sun,

And far away the mountains and the snow, Let's creep into the shadow and hear the water run,

And the dragon-flies shall brush us as they go.

And as we breathe the roses our minds will fall asleep, And, dreaming, dream the dreams of long ago,

Of evil Divs and Pens, and treasure-trove to keep -

For anything you've wanted, in a dream is true, you know.

The maidens are princesses with glorious shining tresses And their faces, like the moon, are pure and bright,

And though the day is thund'ry, there is luck for all and sundry, And whatever seems all wrong is coming right.